Laughing all the way on Saturday Kitchen

Some gorgeous recipes for the festive season and a gentle plea for those less fortunate……..

I took part in San Sebastian Gastronomika 2013 chef’s congress. Here is a summary report.

Summer is here at Pizarro! New aperitivo bar! New drinks you are going to love! New Sunday morning breakfasts! New reservations policy. More and more reasons to come down to our sunny corner of Bermondsey.

Are you a fan of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen? Well, come on down to Cactus Kitchens and get the experience for yourself. I will be showing guests how to make classic tapas amazing….

We are running a special dish of Forgotten Foods for Slow Food Week. Read here to see why we need to make sure that the best things from our culinary heritage do not disappear.

I’m running a full sized pop-up tapas bar at the Hay Festival 2013. Come on down and see us!

How to deal with freezing February.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas….

We’re doing something right……..

My new book hits the streets!

It’s all happening down here in Bermondsey! Read all about it here…

Our new full-size restaurant – Pizarro – is now open on Bermondsey Street. Very exciting! Read all about it here…

Seasons greetings and seasonal food…

José at Bermondsey Street Festival

New recipes for late-spring/early-summer al fresco eating

Por fin, mi libro está disponible en Español

Amigos – my new solo venture is now open on Bermondsey Street. Read all about it here.

More media trips to Spain looking at my region – what to eat and where to eat – with The Sunday Times and Rick Stein

Read about my visit to San Sebastián on a tapas bar crawl with the FT’s Rebecca Seal.

José Pizarro is new food ambassador for Olives from Spain

José Pizarro shows Londoners how to make tapas

José Pizarro visits José Andrés

José Pizarro announces that he has stepped down as Exec Chef of Brindisa Tapas kitchens to pursue personal projects.

London Tapas restaurants Brindisa launch a programme of unique Spanish Supper Clubs and Master-classes for food lovers

Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide 2009 Awards Tapas Brindisa 5 Stars.

I can’t imagine life without olive oil. I use it in everything. Not just salads and frying. I have even been known to dribble it on a fruit salad.

12 February, 2010, Hello Magazine Blog – Chef Willian Leigh declares José Pizarro’s book, Seasonal Spanish Food – a must for any food lover, lover or foodie.

20 Jan 2010: The Guardian Word of Mouth Blog – Live chat with José Pizarro

Financial Times – A traditional Spanish Christmas, By José Pizarro

Seasonal Spanish Food by Jose Pizarro: A real Spanish cookbook from a real Spanish chef.

The Times – Easy Spanish: Soupy Rice with Mushrooms and Langoustines, By José Pizarro.

James Martin hosts the Saturday morning food show. He is joined by top chefs Jose Pizarro and Paul Rankin, while actress Martine McCutcheon faces her food heaven or food hell.

9 November 2008: Observer Magazine – Spanish inquisition: Could the tapas at Tierra Brindisa rival the best of Barcelona? Jay Rayner investigates

8 November 2009: London SE1 – Spanish Embassy launch for ‘Tapas Brindisa’ cook book.

5 November 2009: The Independent – The ten best autumn cook books

10 Oct 2009: The Daily Telegraph – José Pizarro from London’s Tapas Brindisa: simple but vibrant recipes

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